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It's time to stop building someone else dream.... & to start building your own

Our goal is to remove the mystery of making money online.....

We help women discover that they can, in fact, become entrepreneurs..


Whether you’re a stay at home mom,  career woman, ambitious millennial, or an entrepreneur who needs help getting to that next level, we got you!

Want to make a positive impact in the world? You can do that here....

With the powerful combination of the right tools & tangible skills, we help women (just like you) achieve freedom and grow their income to live changing levels with profitable and sustainable businesses.


We believe that anyone who is willing to work hard to create a freedom lifestyle should have the tools to make it happen.





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If you are anything like me you CRAVE freedom



About Us

Inspired by Fern Mae Bell 

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Our Story

When I was 19 and a broke collage student I had to get a job. I had to pay rent,  buy food, pay for books, tuition, gas.... life is expensive! Sad part is that job paid for my life but I was so busy working I didn't have any time to live it.  After only 2 months on the job I knew there had to be a better way then working behind a desk all day every day and I decided to quit my 9-5, skip the 2 hour commute in rush hour and set my sights on the road less traveled! 

I left that job to learn how to sell, which led me to starting my own side hustle while I was finishing my degree (which I have never used by the way) and then start my own  company one year out of University. My entrepreneurial spirit was born and as every one who has tasted it, once you work for yourself you can NEVER go back!

Over the years I ventured into  at the building a marketing company, bought a franchise of stores, and even launched an International network marketing business that today has done over $30,000,000 in gross sales. I have loved that laptop freedom lifestyle way before it became a trendy word! After spending 15 years as a traditional entrepreneur and business woman I took a large pivot and shifted all my efforts into learning and creating and developing in the online digital world. Never before has it been a better time in the history of man to start your own business. The opportunities are endless, the lifestyle is unlimited and the scalability is off the charts!

Only problem is... WOW is there a lot of noise and information out there!

When started learning about Instagram, and blogging, and selling on line, or launching a digital product I had to go to like 5 different "coaches" and none of the programs overlapped, or were streamlined and I wasted so much time, energy, frustration trying to piece everything together and find the right sources to get the right information for the step that I was currently at and it took me 4 years to feel like I got it and to have  learn what I could in 1 year had I had one trusted resource that step by step gave me all the needed information, no fluff, no bs, no constantly upselling me to the next program or the "coaching services that cost $10,000" no endless webinars and sales calls that lead me to another dead end or being sold stuff that I didn't need, wasn't valuable and most likely was just a different spin on what i had already purchased from a different course creator. SO MUCH WASTED TIME, ENERGY, EMOTIONS AND MONEY!

And that when it hit me, there really should be one place to get all this information at a reasonable price so I can actually start and invest in my business not other's businesses. A place were the information is stream lined and holds your hand step by step and you have access to it all and can select what you need when you needed. A school that was simple and efficient that delivers the BEST up today information out there to help women succeed in their business endeavors.

Why Bell University. My great grandma Fern Bell was a woman before her time!  She cooked and scrubbed floors in the mining town of Park City, she helped build the Alaska-Canadian Highway, worked on an Indian Reservation and also opened the first cafe called Wheeler Cafe in Dillon Montana. She had a huge generous heart, a wild, spirited and adventurous soul, and I'm told she was the life of the party. She even used to throw her kids on open train cars and said, "kids were going on vacation". As a single mom in the early 1900's, she was a woman who did what she had to do to support her family and led an inspirational life as she faced her challenges with a fun loving attitude.  Fern Bell was one of a kind and like so many women today worked hard exceptionally hard for everyone else until she found a way to start her own business.  At Bell University we want to shorten that learning curve and get you started on your dreams today!


Maybe your still subscribing to the traditional education, and hey I'm a HUGE fan of the collage experience if you are... but don't  to go to collage under the false assumption that a job will be waiting or available to you when your done... chance are, like most that go to school, your degree has prepared your for nothing, no real life experience, no guarantee of a career, and bonus your now $20k-$100k in debt with student loans.

Bell University will teach you all the practical things they don't teach you in school and they should! Like how to build a website for free, or create a product, how to market that product, create an audience who will buy or support you. its 2022 and these are the skills YOU MUST HAVE! 


Instead of paying $20,000 a year for tuition, books, and spent 4 years working towards a degree that will get you nowhere (unless you want to be a doctor, yes you need school to be a doctor!)  Bell University will give you all the classes and resources you need, to start or expand a thriving business with out risk. 


Most courses only give you one piece of the puzzle then they send you on the way to get another piece from some other course creator, who has a way different viewpoint, probably repeats or contradicts the other courses as to differentiate themselves. nothing is cohesive consistent, cuts through the fluff. plus all the mountains of excess things they give as bonuses because they want to create perceived value so they can up-sell or charge you more...  We don't do that you have access to all our course that were created to streamline your online entrepreneurial  education and get you started with everything you need to make you business a reality and get you making money online today! Not 4 years from now after you've amassed the debt for tuition.

Meet The Founder

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