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Save your seat
(even if you don’t have a large audience, know your topic, or have a lot of time)
so glad your here!

Now is the time!

I’m sharing THE exact step-by-step roadmap I used to go from having no course to selling over $8 million in online courses, so you can become a successful course creator in 2023.

In this LIVE training, I’ll show you how to go from “Oh my god, where do I start?!” to launching your first profitable online course in 90 days or less:

Choose Your
Course Topic
Outline & create
your course in 
3 simple steps
Warm up you 
audience to buy from you
How to profit from ONE course for a lifetime
How to launch 
the RIGHT way

This is your opportunity to ask me anything under the sun about course creation. I want to make this the most actionable training you’ve ever attended, so I’ve carved out time at the end of this training to answer your most burning course questions. Bring a pencil and notebook! You can’t find these answers anywhere else.

Is this LIVE training for you?

You’re a coach who’s done the 1-1 and group coaching program thing, and now you want to scale out of the delivery side. You love the impact you’re having. What you don’t love? Making money requires your time, energy, and mental power. *Puts passive income up on her vision board*

You feel like you’re working SO. HARD., but your bank account doesn’t match all your effort. What’s up with that? You’re desiring unlimited revenue potential. You’re desiring the ability to impact as many people as possible. You’re desiring a vacation to Tahiti where you can log the eff off for once. Oooh, you can smell those coconut drinks now, can’t you?

You’re a content creator who’s sick of the brand deal feast and famine cycle. Sure, you’re in a great place once those net-60 payments come in, but waiting for them is like watching paint dry. And you’re constantly hustling for your next job, spending hours on one $300 post, and daydreaming about the day you’ll get paid what you’re worth.


You’re a freelancer with a pocket-full of clients, and you’re ready to package up your expertise into an online course that can impact more people, make you more money, and free you from trading time for dollar-dollar bills.

You’re a 9-5’er whose soul is screaming at her to get out of this office job and use your knowledge to change the world — and give you some major control and freedom over your life.

and I’ve got news to share.

The stats are in, and it’s official — the demand for online education is BOOMING…to the tune of $250 billion and growing faster each year. 

The education space has shifted dramatically in the wake of the pandemic and The Great Resignation, and people everywhere are turning toward the Internet to pick up new skills.

Three years ago, I launched my first-ever online course, taking it from $50,000 in sales back then to over $8 million in sales today — and now I’m teaching you how to profit from the thriving Online Course Economy too.

I 'm Christina Galbato,

I believe you have an online course inside you right now — and you can package your unique experience and perspective up into a passive revenue stream that adds 5-figures a month to your income.

(And no, your course doesn’t have to be about online businesses or social media. I’ve personally mentored clients who’ve had multiple 5-figure course launches in personal training, styling, nutrition and more. Any topic is a great topic for a course).

Free Training You Say?

Inside this training, I’ll save you countless hours of frustration, doubt, and the

that come with building an online course without support.

Oh my god, I don’t know what I’m doing’s
Ready to launch the ONE course that’ll take you from hustling for the next sale to successfully scaling your profitable business?

I'm sharing the exact step-by-step roadmap I used, along with hundreds of my course creator students.


Just your average free spirited Gemini, turned business savvy entrepreneur, sharing all the secrets to a freedom lifestyle.

I help women discover that they can, in fact, become entrepreneurs and start a business to work from anywhere.  With the powerful combination of tools & entrepreneurial skills, I help people (just like you) achieve freedom and grow their income to life changing level.

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