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From Bread-Baker to Money-Maker

and no, we don't mean shaking that thing (wink wink)

You’ve been dishing up some love whether that’s in the home or someone’s else’s office, but you’re ready to start serving up some personal success. You’ve already seen some “rising” in your abilities and now its time to turn your bread baking or money making endeavors into something delicious.   You know with some hard work and developing some skills  you’ve got what it takes bring home the bacon and leave the break makin’ to someone else!  Trust you instincts! You've got this!

People are hungry for what you've got!

So what does it really mean?
I bet there are people far and wide lookin’ for what you’ve got!  With your own unique approach to what you’re making, and with a few secret ingredients you'll be selling out in no time!
So what are those secret ingredients?  It’s time to improve the recipe and learn how to scale. Your side hustle skills are ready for a challenge! Are you down for that? Let's bring home that bacon! You got this!


You absolutely do not have to call it a side hustle.

I get it. ‘Side hustle’ isn’t fitting for everyone. Maybe this isn't on the side, maybe its a passion, maybe it's a necessity.  A ‘happy project’? A ‘new adventure’? Your ‘peace-bringing work’? A ‘new creative roadmap’? You decide.  Go ahead and call your non-full-time-work whatever you want to.

Just because it's "on the side" doesn't mean it isn't work, and because it is a "hustle" doesn't mean burnt-out-is- an inevitable situation. Your first job is to decide what it is that you are doing!

Climbing the mountain happens one step at a time

Starting a new venture or a creative biz get’s us into the paralysis by analysis mode. And we start thinking of the big mountain ahead of us that we think we need to climb today.  But if you know anything about hiking, you get to the top just one step at a time. 


Same thing when it comes to productivity. Don’t focus on the big picture, focus on the to do list of today. Big tasks don’t belong on the to do list, you next move or step isn’t necessarily a giant step. It is a small one, that leads to another small one. One a lot of small steps get you up the mountain and create movement!

Go on your own journey at your own pace

Your journey and your path is just that, YOURS. It will not and should not look like someone else’s.   I know its hard but do not compare yourself to your friends, your mentors, even the stranger dangers we see while scrolling on the gram. Comparison is the thief of all joy.


Since we are all on our own path, its important to remember that someone may be towards the end of the journey, while you may be in the beginning or the middle.  Try as they say “to enjoy the journey” because before you know it, that will be you, well on your way. So manage your expectations and know your path is exactly meant for you and will get you to exactly where you want to be. You don’t want to be in someone else’s life, YOUR LIFE IS WORTHY OF YOUR ATTENTION!  So  build, learn and go at your own pace.

Your side dish may become an entire meal.

Sometimes side work stays side work! It may be a part of your life for a season and serve only a temporary purpose and It may morph into something bigger and take you by surprise! Think about this. 

Spaghetti squash was once just a little seed. That through
nurturing it began to grow and became the squash, ready to pick during harvest season. That squash was first thought of as a vegetable side dish, until someone put spaghetti meat sauce on it (that secret ingredient) and it then became the main entrée and a meal that could stand on its own!  Bonus, its delicious with a twist of healthy! So maybe you’re in the planting or growing phase or maybe you’re on the brink of creating something genius!

hey there!
I'm Melissa Bird

If you’re new to me, I think it’s time we became friends. Nice to meet you virtually! I love getting to know new people and glad we’ve connected! Since you let me quiz + assess who YOU are, I’ll hand over some deets about myself. ;)

I am a free spirited, Gemini soul (means being twins or 2 things at once) who loves to be outside in the sun!  If sun worshiping was a sport I’d have a gold medal.


I LOVE to have fun and to play, but I love to make money (see the gemini factor here) So, that's why I am a life long learner and obsessed with creating  what I like to call Smart Money! I am an online marketer, educator, and business savvy entrepreneur. I am continually evolving and navigating the seasons of life while also defining  and re-defining the kind of life I want to live. Spoiler alert, a life unlimited and a life well lived is the goal here!

I’ve worn many hats in my career as an entrepreneur, and one of those hats even led me to living 2 years in Vietnam where I turned a side hustle into a passive/residual multi-million  dollar marketing machine and empire.  Never underestimate the power of a good side hustle!


Now I teach people how to build their own businesses, to shift gears and start making smart money, and to seek out their own definition of that life well lived. We've only got one right?!

Ready to take some massive action...

Perfect! I love the go-getters!  Whether you need to read a book, listen to a podcast, take a course, etc., you’ll do what you need to do to keep moving forward. This is because when you find yourself out of your depth you are willing to take the necessary steps to learn more and do more to get to where you want to be. And I'm with ya! It's way more fun when you’re not aimlessly throwing all your efforts around in a thousand directions. Let’s laser focus on your perfect starting place: serving your people.  Find out why I think this is your must-tackle before you do anything else in my course Stop Selling Start Sharing.

Looking to nail down some basics....

Though the territory you embark upon may seem scary and unfamiliar, you have a light inside you - your drive - that will help you find your way. You’ll use your light - your drive - to keep you on your path and moving toward your goals. Even when times seem bleak... Business Basics will help you learn the fundamentals and take your first steps into getting your business started and headed in the right direction. 

Social media is the game....

Mel, I love me some business talk but I'm all about that influencer magic. I just want some tips and tools of the trade to take my already growing A game to the next level of social status extraordinaire.  Blog Your Way To Freedom and Influence Your Way to Freedom are the missing pieces to your social influence puzzle.

3 Ways to Drive Real Results on Instagram™
The training is 1 hour long!

Basically the same amount of time as 2 solid Instagram scroll sessions. Kick back in full-student mode for a ONE hour video training with me, your professor ;)

The training is 1 hour long!

Basically the same amount of time as 2 solid Instagram scroll sessions. Kick back in full-student mode for a ONE hour video training with me, your professor ;)

The training is 1 hour long!

Basically the same amount of time as 2 solid Instagram scroll sessions. Kick back in full-student mode for a ONE hour video training with me, your professor ;)

Free Training!
Wanna choose your own adventure?

All of our classes are now yours for the taking, so you can build out a class schedule to suit your own success-route and never have to look for another coach again. Its the one stop shop! Whether it’s social media, audience growth, or creating a digital product, I’ve got ya covered! Choose whatever you want to master next.

It’s like your own self-education Netflix but will teach you to make smart money!

Word to the wise: The internet is always changing. And one of my passions is staying on top of those waves of change, like a pro-marketing-surfer. My programs, classes, trainings, and even my free resources might change as I learn how to shift in the ways I show up, serve, and deliver a fantastic experience for you! That means that what is here, ready, and FREE for you today may not be tomorrow, ya feel me? 

So, hit that sign up button while the free is still free.

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Just your average free spirited Gemini, turned business savvy entrepreneur, sharing all the secrets to a freedom lifestyle.

I help women discover that they can, in fact, become entrepreneurs and start a business to work from anywhere.  With the powerful combination of tools & entrepreneurial skills, I help people (just like you) achieve freedom and grow their income to life changing level.

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